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Kem Tolliver's New OPM Article "Revenue Cycle Workforce: Recruiting and Cultivating Your Team"

Kem Tolliver, FACMPE, CPC, CMOM, Founder & CEO of Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists, has been featured in Oncology Practice Management with her insightful article on "Revenue Cycle Workforce: Recruiting and Cultivating Your Team."

In the article, Kem addresses the pressing issue of employee recruitment and retention that has affected industries across the board. Recognizing the crucial role of a strong revenue cycle management (RCM) team, Kem dives into the key considerations and strategies for building an ideal RCM team. Read the full article here:

Below is a full list of the article's highlights:

  • Every industry faces employee recruitment and retention challenges.

  • Building the best revenue cycle management (RCM) team is crucial for healthcare organizations.

  • Recruiters play a vital role in forming a solid RCM team.

  • Considerations during the screening process: in-office or remote positions, secure home office capabilities, experience with optimizing electronic medical records, knowledge of practice management software efficiencies, clearinghouse optimization skills, experience with payer portals, familiarity with medical specialty and reimbursement guidelines.

  • Understanding candidates' motivations and expectations, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • RCM team members include billing staff, front desk workers, prior authorization specialists, and medical coders.

  • Effective communication skills are critical for RCM team success.

  • Identifying threats and vulnerabilities to the revenue cycle and mapping required skills.

  • Characteristics of high-performing RCM teams: the "squeaky wheel," compliance guru, and detective.

  • Recognizing and appreciating team members' efforts for increased employee satisfaction.

Remember, building a successful RCM team takes time and a well-crafted recruitment process. By considering these insights and lessons, organizations can cultivate a strong and sustainable RCM team.

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