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Technology Optimization

Technology Integration

Technology Mapping & Optimization

Our Published Technology Optimization Content


Automation and technology can promote better care delivery and improve patient, provider, and healthcare workforce experience. We identify and stop revenue leakage by implementing prevention strategies and automating revenue cycle management workflows. Our team partners with best-in-class revenue cycle management technology partners to map your organization's RCM workflows to best fit technology to improve cashflows and enhance interoperability. 

Technology Integration

Our team manages the selection, onboarding, customization, training, and implementation of EHR, practice management software, telehealth technology, RCM data analytics, and Clearinghouse technology. To ensure long-term sustainability, we interpret the complex technology integration process with your organization and your technology partner.

Technology Mapping & Optimization

Optimize software and establish greater integration systems with our document management system- scanning, file categorization, EOB tracking, and retrieval.

What Our Clients Say

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"Not only was Kem's information helpful and timely, now I'm ready to take action."
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