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  • The Cures Act Information Blocking Rule: Impact on Data Access, Interoperability, and Security

    "The 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 13, 2016.1 The overarching goal of this legislation was to modernize the US healthcare system through technology and science, which can enhance national interoperability by promoting the sharing of health information.2 In May 2020, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) published the Final Rule of the Cures Act, which is designed to ensure that patients have access to their electronic health information (EHI). The ruling also supports provider needs regarding clinical data sharing and addresses industry-wide information blocking practices.3 To be compliant and offer the best support to their patients, healthcare providers need to understand the provisions of the Final Rule as it pertains to creating, maintaining, and sharing patient health data, and the impact of this legislation on their practices." Download the full article or view here. US Food and Drug Administration. 21st Century Cures Act. January 31, 2020. Accessed September 27, 2022. Health IT legislation. Updated August 9, 2022. Accessed September 30, 2022.

  • How to Practice Good Financial Hygiene for Revenue Cycle, Patient Success eBook

    Hospitals lost a whopping $323 billion during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to estimates from the American Hospital Association (AHA). Research has also shown that smaller practices did not fare much better, with primary care practices alone racking up $15 billion in financial losses in just the first few months of the pandemic. Read this whitepaper to learn how any size organization can streamline processes, save money, and provide better patient experience, with real life examples from the Director of Revenue Cycle at Phelps Memorial Health Center. “The basis of good financial hygiene is looking at ways that you can improve your workforce and patients’ access to information,” explains Kem Tolliver, Author, President & CEO, Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists, LLC. “It’s about educating not only your providers on capturing pertinent medical record documentation but also educating your workforce on all of the reimbursement obstacles that they need to overcome with each payer and within the overall healthcare system. Each payer has their own unique reimbursement requirements. Make sure that your workforce understands those requirements and can incorporate them into daily workflows. Healthcare reimbursement is also impacted by regulations that require understanding and compliance. Exposing staff to guidelines outlined by the OIG, CMS, and other regulatory entities gives them a better understanding of the importance of their roles within the grand scheme of reimbursement, patient care, and compliance.” Sponsored By: Inovalon (previously ABILITY Network) Download the eBook:

  • Yes, You Have What It Takes To Lead Your Practice And Your Profession

    If you’ve been in any healthcare role for more than two years, you’ve seen quite a bit of change. And guess what, it’s not over. We are living and working in uncertain times. This climate requires each of us to step outside of our comfort zones to lead exactly where we stand. It’s not required of one to have a “title” to lead. What is required, however, is a willingness to trust your instincts, look for answers and rely on your team. Lead where you stand. No matter what your position is, you can lead. A Phlebotomist can lead by providing patients with the necessary instructions and information to put their minds at ease prior to bloodwork. In instances when billers need to explain a claim during the insurance appeal process, they are leading the adjudication process for payment. There are times when coders must explain correct coding initiatives to provide compliance and reimbursement education to healthcare practitioners. Read the full article: Yes, You Have What It Takes To Lead Your Practice And Your Profession by Kem Tolliver, CMPE, CPC, CMOM September 20th, 2022

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  • Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists | Home

    We keep our eyes on the future and our finger on the pulse . Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists bring strategic insights and unique perspectives to transform your healthcare organization. Our team identifies, analyzes, and optimizes each person, process, and technology to maximize your revenue cycle. Learn More What MRCS Provides Effective human capital management is at the cornerstone of every health service organization. We infuse strategic tactics to help your healthcare organization remain independent, compliant, and profitable . MRCS serves public and private entities to solve complex reimbursement, regulatory, and workflow challenges in the following areas: Revenue Cycle Revenue Cycle & Practice Assessments Outsourced Billing & Collections Revenue Strategies Learn More Payer Contract Services Credentialing Audit Credentialing & Payer Enrollment Contract & Fee Schedule Analysis Payer Negotiations Learn More Technology Optimization Technology Integration Technology Mapping & Optimization Learn More Practice Management New Practice Start-Up Mergers & Acquisitions Healthcare Leader Support Learn More Risk Management Coding & Documentation Audits Regulatory Compliance Leadership Learn More Content & Coaching Authorship & Published Works Speaking Engagements SME Strategic Leadership Learn More ​Transform Your Revenue Cycle and Organizational Operations . Team of Experts Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) is an award-winning company located in Baltimore, MD, specializing in revenue cycle and practice management . With over 100 years of combined experience, we bring strategic insights and unique perspectives to transform your practice. Our team will identify, analyze, and optimize each touch point, person, process, and technology in the revenue cycle. We are here to support your current needs and prepare you for what's to come. View More ​Stay on Top With Expert Insights , Industry Events , and Media . Events Schedule Articles & Blog Podcast Book

  • Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists | Practice Management

    Revenue Cycle Practice Management Payer Contract Services Risk Management Technology Optimization Content & Coaching Practice Management New Practice Start-Up Mergers & Acquisitions Healthcare Leader Support Our Published Practice Management Content Healthcare Organizational Leadership is the backbone of the success of medical organizations. Our team of experts works one-on-one with your practice leadership to deregulate reimbursement, H/R, technology, and coding guidance. We serve as the “on-call” experts who provide PRN assistance to empower your internal team. We will help transform your practice to new heights. New Practice Start-Up Our team of highly-seasoned experts lead healthcare organizations with their implementation efforts. We have extensive experience building, leading, and expanding healthcare centers and private practices. We use our custom new practice start-up checklist to ensure your organization's implementation success. Our team leverages our vast network to offer support in recruiting and onboarding healthcare practitioners and all medical staff. Healthcare Leader Support We are cheerleaders for leaders! Our team volunteers with many organizations to give back to practice manager networks. Whether you are a Practice Manager, you are interested in becoming a Practice Manager, or your organization is in search of a Practice Leader - our team utilizes our expertise to ensure the success of your organization's leadership. Mergers & Acquisitions In the current healthcare environment, the need to shift, merge and acquire is top of mind for many organizations. We use our expertise to support the buyer and seller in ensuring a seamless transaction and smooth transition of assets, revenue cycle, workforce and company culture for long-term success. ​Transform Your Practice. Contact Us Today. What Our Clients Say Tonya Jennings "Kem taught me about leadership. She provided a lot of good tips and reminders to become a better leader and to invest in your employees and yourself."

  • Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists | Coding & Risk Management

    Revenue Cycle Practice Management Payer Contract Services Risk Management Technology Optimization Content & Coaching Coding & Risk Management Coding & Documentation Audits Regulatory Compliance Leadership Our Published Coding & Risk Management Content Having a solid compliance foundation is critical to every healthcare organization's success. Our team consists of industry-accredited certified professional coders and certified professional coding instructors with extensive medical record documentation and coding experience. Coding & Documentation Audits We utilize our technology and years of expertise to assist your organization with maintaining compliance with applicable regulations. Our coding audit engagements include a clinical documentation improvement plan and customized coding training programs. Regulatory Compliance Leadership We lead healthcare organizations with understanding complex regulatory compliance requirements for the development of solid compliance planning and risk mitigation. Our experience in representing our clients in Medicare and commercial payer audits allows us to leverage our past performance in audit management to support our client's continued sustainability. ​Transform Your Practice. Contact Us Today. What Our Clients Say Practice Management Institute "Kem's background as a coder was quite evident."

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