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MRCS Weekly Recap 25 (7.18.2022 - 7.24.2022)

1. Amazon Health?

Amazon is purchasing One Medical for $3.9 billion in an all-cash deal. This adds a network of brick-and-mortar clinics for Amazon. Amazon is joining other business giants in adding a healthcare facet to their business, joining the likes of Walmart, Apple, and JP Morgan.


The new covid vaccines are helping break (or at least slow down) the spread of coronavirus. So far, it is estimated that vaccines have saved nearly 20 million lives globally in their first year of use. This has "slashed the death toll" by almost 53%. According to a survey of around 1,000 US adults, most people's top concern around COVID is spreading the virus to people at a higher risk of serious illness. Almost 80% of people believe that we won't be away from covid-19 in our lifetime.

3. Key Trends

Following the steep decline in business from the pandemic, many businesses/industries are booming. Healthcare is one of these sectors. It is projected that by 2025, the health industry will be worth almost $700 billion, while it is around $575 currently.

4. Practice Management

MedCity explains 4 things that health systems should do to thrive during the uncertain economic climate-

1) Be more decisive

2) Prioritize efficiency

3) Don't be afraid to re-strategize

4) Pursue Strategic growth

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