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Kem Tolliver's Recent Article, 'The Value of a Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM®) Certification,' Published by Oncology Practice Management

In her recent article published by Oncology Practice Management, Kem Tolliver, FACMPE, CPC, CMOM highlighted the significance of obtaining a Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM®) certification. Tolliver stressed the importance of professional development for medical office managers, emphasizing how certification not only enhances skills but also signifies a commitment to excellence within the industry. Drawing from her own experience, Tolliver explained how CMOM certification provided invaluable insights and confidence, enabling her to enact positive changes within medical practices. She also shared testimonials from CMOM graduates who praised the program for its practical relevance and career-enhancing benefits. Tolliver concluded by emphasizing the ongoing commitment to continuing education that certification entails, positioning certified professionals as leaders equipped to navigate future challenges in healthcare management.

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