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Rosalind Harper, CRC-I, CPC, CDEO, CRC

Senior Coding & Compliance Specialist

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Hello, I am Rosalind Harper a very proud member of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). My certifications include Certified Instructor for Risk Adjustment, )CRC-1, Certified Risk Adjustment (CRC), Certified Documentation Expert Coder (CDEO), and Certified Professional Coder (CPC). These certifications include 13 years of experience in hands-on production coding, documentation improvement, one-on-one provider training for risk adjustment/facility documentation improvement, and HEDIS/Quality assurance.

I am currently with a large PAYER as a Program Performance Manager and Medicare Consultant.  Quality measures are a year-long process of assisting the providers in closing the GAPS of Breast Cancer Screenings, Diabetes Mellitus, and Part D  just to name a few. Helping medical providers and ancillary staff get to the best of a 4 or 5 STAR rating is the goal. I also guide the staff to proper documentation and coding for their medical records. 

My journey has not been the straight from one career to another. It was a process from being deep into a real estate career to moving into healthcare. The healthcare industry has been extremely rewarding and a learning experience that I share with many of my peers and providers. My relationships with providers have flourished and expanded to develop an open dialogue of monthly Q & A, training sessions, and lunch and learn sessions.  

My hobbies are sometimes all over the place, with loving my home team sports, to hand dancing to listening to a great book on audio. There is not an opportunity to exercise that I miss or listen to a song to sing, even if I don’t know all the lyrics from the 70’s, 80’ and 90’s. 

Rosalind Harper, CRC-I, CPC, CDEO, CRC
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