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Two Articles by MRCS Founder Kem Tolliver Rank #3 & #7 as the Most-Read OPM Articles for 2023

Ranked #3 and #7 among the Most-Read OPM (Office of Personnel Management) Articles for 2023, these two pieces by MRCS Founder Kem Tolliver offer invaluable insights into critical aspects of RCM.


Ranked # 3: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Revenue Cycle Management

Tackling frequently asked questions, the third-ranked article dives deep into the heart of revenue cycle management challenges. The piece serves as a comprehensive guide for professionals grappling with the complexities of healthcare finance.

Exploring topics such as outsourcing billing departments, the article by MRCS founder Kem Tolliver advises a strategic due diligence process aligned with organizational goals. It sheds light on essential key performance indicators (KPIs), offering practical solutions to enhance clean claims rates, net collections ratios, and the overall efficiency of aging accounts receivables.

The article stands out for its proactive approach to addressing denial rates and demystifying billing department expenses, showcasing a commitment to simplifying challenges for a broad audience navigating the intricacies of revenue cycle management.

Ranked # 7: Revenue Cycle Workforce: Recruiting and Cultivating Your Team

Securing the seventh position in the Most-Read OPM Articles list, this piece delves into the strategic process of building a successful RCM team. The article recognizes the pivotal role of recruiters in this process and goes beyond traditional recruitment discussions, highlighting the characteristics necessary for a thriving revenue cycle team.

Acknowledging that RCM team members extend beyond billing staff, the article sheds light on the skills required to overcome RCM threats, emphasizing revenue integrity as a cornerstone for success. Practical advice on effective communication within diverse RCM teams, especially in the evolving landscape of remote work, adds real-world applicability to the insights.


Together, these articles provide a snapshot of the pulse of the healthcare finance community, addressing critical issues in revenue cycle management. While the focus is on the practical aspects of RCM, the collective impact of these articles underscores the ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence within the broader conversation of healthcare management. As the Most-Read OPM Articles for 2023, these resources offer valuable perspectives for professionals navigating the ever-evolving terrain of revenue cycle management.

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