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MRCS' Founder & CEO, Kem Tolliver, Appointed to PHIT4DC Advisory Board

We are excited to announce that Kem Tolliver, BS, CMPE, CPC, CMOM, the esteemed Founder & CEO of Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists, has been appointed to the prestigious PHIT4DC Advisory Board.

Kem Tolliver brings over two decades of transformative leadership to the healthcare industry. She holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Healthcare Administration and Organizational Management and has established herself as a highly respected expert in the field. With certifications including Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE), Certified Professional Coder (CPC), and Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM), Kem possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Notably, Kem Tolliver serves as the President of the Hyattsville/Prince George's County Chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Her dedication to advancing the profession and providing exceptional guidance is evident in her co-authorship of the book "Revenue Cycle Management: Don't Get Lost in the Financial Maze." She is also renowned for developing and delivering continuing education and CME-accredited programs for physicians, staff, and practice leaders.

Additionally, Kem Tolliver is the co-founder of the Prince George's County Practice Manager's Association, and she serves as a subject matter expert for medical malpractice insurers, medical societies, and health IT software companies.

Her appointment to the PHIT4DC Advisory Board further solidifies Kem's remarkable contributions to the healthcare industry and her commitment to driving positive change. We are confident that her expertise, strategic insights, and dedication will significantly benefit PHIT4DC's mission of advancing healthcare technology and improving patient outcomes.

Please join us in congratulating Kem Tolliver on this remarkable achievement. Her appointment to the PHIT4DC Advisory Board is a testament to her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to enhancing the healthcare landscape.

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