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"Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Revenue Cycle Management"Ranks #3 Most-Read OPM Article

Our article ranked # 3 for the most-read article in the Oncology Practice Management magazine for 2023!!! It's titled "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Revenue Cycle Management" and we highly recommend you give it a read! Written by Kem Tolliver, FACMPE, CPC, CMOM, and Shawntea Gordon, MBA FACMPE CMOM

They answer the following questions:

❔ Should we outsource our billing department?

❔Is the number of denials we receive normal?

❔How do we decrease denial rates?

❔There is a lot of pressure on our revenue cycle department to improve our net collection rate. What are some things we can do?

❔What can we do to improve the productivity of our billing team?

❔What language should I focus on within my payer participation agreements?

❔How often should we conduct internal coding audits?

❔Why should we prioritize Social Determinants of Health?

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