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Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists bring strategic insights and unique perspectives to transform your healthcare organization. Our team identifies, analyzes, and optimizes each person, process, and technology to maximize your revenue cycle.

What MRCS Provides

Effective human capital management is at the cornerstone of every health service organization. We infuse strategic tactics to help your healthcare organization remain independent, compliant, and profitable. MRCS serves public and private entities to solve complex reimbursement, regulatory, and workflow challenges in the following areas:

Revenue Cycle & Practice Assessments

Outsourced Billing & Collections

Revenue Strategies

Credentialing Audit

Credentialing & Payer Enrollment

Contract & Fee Schedule Analysis

Payer Negotiations

Technology Integration
Technology Mapping & Optimization

New Practice Start-Up

Mergers & Acquisitions

Healthcare Leader Support

Coding & Documentation Audits

Regulatory Compliance Leadership

Authorship & Published Works
Speaking Engagements

SME Strategic Leadership

Medical Team

​Transform Your Revenue Cycle
and Organizational Operations.

Team of Experts

Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists (MRCS) is an award-winning company located in Baltimore, MD, specializing in revenue cycle and practice management. With over 100 years of combined experience, we bring strategic insights and unique perspectives to transform your practice. Our team will identify, analyze, and optimize each touch point, person, process, and technology in the revenue cycle. We are here to support your current needs and prepare you for what's to come. 


​Stay on Top With Expert Insights, Industry Events, and Media.

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